Exclusive Sweets :

The premium preparations of Bikanervala Sweets prepared using Dry fruits like, Pistachio, Almonds, Raisins Walnuts, & Figs, sugar is used in optimum level just to add the right taste. The shelf life of these sweets is approximately 07 days.

Pista Lauj :

Prepared using soaked and grinded Pistachio, cooked with sugar, shaped and garnished with silver.

Kashmiri Burfi :

Prepared using Almond paste, Pistachio paste, and Cashew Nut Paste the Cashew Nut paste is mixed with Kesar to give it a yellowish colour. The different pastes are then rolled into thin strips and placed together. Garnished with silver

Badam Burfi :

Almonds are soaked and grinded to paste. Cooked with sugar. Rolled into flat base, cut into a diamond shape & garnished with silver.

Honey Dew :

Cashew nuts paste mixed with Dry fruits, chocolate powder & Honey, shaped and garnished with silver

Anjeer Chikki :

Premium preparation of dry fruit sweets made using soaked figs, boiled with sugar. Cut into small pieces and mixed with roasted dry fruits.

Kaju Sweets :

The popular Bikanervala Kaju Sweets are made using best quality Cashew Nuts soaked and grinded into thick paste. The paste is shaped into different forms of sweets, garnished with silver and served. Sugar is added to taste. It can be consumed up to 07 days.

Burfi Gulkand :

Prepared using Cashew nut paste, Khoya and gulkand. Cooked with sugar & garnished with silver and dry fruit flakes.

Kaju Burfi :

Prepared with Cashew nut paste cooked with sugar then shaped & garnished with silver.

Kaju Kesar :

Kesar flavoured kaju Burfi

Kaju Anjeer :

Kaju Anjeer is made using cashew nut paste mixed with saffron, stuffed with Figs mixture garnished with dry fruits and silver.

Kaju Roll :

Prepared using Cashew nut paste stuffed with Special dry fruit mixture shaped into Roll and served

Kaju Apple :

Prepared using Cashew nut paste stuffed with mixed dry fruit, shaped into apple and garnished with saffron

Khoya Sweets :

Milk based sweets prepared using fresh milk, converted into Khoya by cooking on high flames. Sugar is added to taste and the chef’s will give special shapes to each and every different sweet preparations garnished. Shelf life is 03 days.

Khoya Burfi :

Combination of Milk and sugar, cooked into thick consistency, shaped into Burfi garnished with Sliced Pistachio and silver.

Chocolate Burfi :

Khoya Burfi with an additional layer of Choclate garnished with silver.

Khoya Pista :

Khoya burfi with Sliced Pistacho garnished with silver

Khoya Kesar :

Khoya burfi with an addition of saffron and garnished with saffron strips.

Khoya Mewabati :

Khoya paste stuffed with special dry fruit mixture, shaped into balls garnished with saffron and silver

Anjeer Kalakand :

Same as kalakand with an addition of sliced figs.

Kheer Khadam :

Khoya paste stuffed with strips of Petha mixed with saffron shaped into round balls garnished with saffron and sliced pistachio

Milkcake :

Prepared using milk, & caramel sugar.

Kalakand :

Prepared using milk mix with sugar, garnished with sliced pistachio

Khoya Lal Peda :

Simple plain Khoya made using milk and sugar, garnished with saffron tikki and sliced pistachio.

Kesar Peda :

Saffron rich Khoya preparation.

Bengali Sweets :

The mouth melting soft and spongy enriched with fresh cream. These are basically Milk based sweets prepared using chenna (crumbly and moist form of cheese), shaped differently and garnished delicately with fresh sweetened cream, soaked dry fruits, Saffron, Fresh cut of Fruits and served in different forms and shapes, delicious in taste and superb in presentation. We always recommend same day consumption

Coconut Burfi :

Prepared using grated coconut cooked with sugar syrup, enriched with fresh milk garnished with silver and cut into square shapes and served.

Orange Coconut Laddoo :

Same as Coconut burfi mix with orange color and flavour shaped into Laddoo and served.

Talash Sandesh :

Rich Bengali sweet prepared using Chenna and Gud shaped and garnished with Raisins.

Malai Roll :

Prepared using Chenna, wrapped with malai and rolled garnished with saffron and pistachio

Kesar Anarkali :

Prepared using chenna sliced and topped with sweetened cream and saffron mixed malai lacchha, garnished with Anar and Pistachio.

Rasmalai :

Popular Bengali Sweet prepared using chenna, dipped in saffron mixed milk, garnished with Malai, pista and saffron leaves.

Anarkali :

Prepared using chenna sliced and topped with sweetened cream and malai lacchha, garnished with Anar and Pistachio.

Chenna Toast :

Prepared using chenna, cut into slices garnished with dry chenna powder and pistachio.

Malai Chap :

Malai chap is made using chenna, sliced and topped with cream, garnished with saffron and pistachio.

Rasgulla :

Popular Indian sweet made using chenna dipped in sugar syrup.

Gur Rasmalai :

Prepared using chenna dipped in date’s syrup.

Indrani Cup :

Prepared using small balls of chenna, topped with malai lacchha, garnished with saffron and pista.

Ghee Sweets :

Traditional Indian Sweets prepared using pure Ghee. Preparation range from Maida based to, Khoya, Gram Flour & Atta (Whole-wheat flour), these sweets are made with lot of hard work by a team of experts who create an extraordinary and everlasting taste with their different forms and shapes of pure Ghee sweets. Sugar is always added to taste. Shelf life of these sweets is 04 days.

Atta Laddoo :

Traditional Indian sweets prepared using whole wheat flour cooked in ghee, mix with dry fruits shaped into laddoo.

Besan Laddoo :

Gram flour cooked with ghee mix with dry fruits and shaped into laddoo.

Bikaneri Laddoo :

Besan cooked in ghee, dipped in sugar syrup flavored with cardamom powder, mix with dry fruits.

Goand Laddoo :

Mixture of Whole wheat flour, Goand and dry fruits cooked in ghee.

Shahi Laddoo :

This premium laddoo is made in different flavours,using besan, atta, gaond and boondi cooked in ghee mix with dry fruits. & Saffron.

Dodha Burfi :

Rich Indian ghee sweet made using whole wheat flour, milk, dry fruits and sugar, garnished with badam and pista slice.

Balushahi :

Prepared using Maida & ghee, shaped and deep fried in pure ghee, dipped in sugar syrup.

Gulab Jamun Gulkand :

Popular Indian sweet prepared using Khoya, shaped into small balls, stuffed with pista and saffron, deep fried in ghee, removed and dipped in sugar syrup. Served hot.

Karachi Halwa :

Made using corn flour flavoured with saffron, cooked in desi ghee, garnished with almonds.

Special patisa :

Mixture of Gram Flour and Refined flour cooked in ghee, dipped in caramel Sugar, rolled and cut into square shapes topped with Almonds.

Chenna Murki :

Prepared using cottage cheese deep fried in ghee, coated with icing sugar.

Imarti :

Rich Sweet made using Split Black Gram Flour, Deep fried in Ghee by giving the shape. Dipped in sugar syrup and served Hot.

Moong Dal Burfi :

Split Green Gram Flour cooked in ghee, rolled and topped with silver , Garnish with dry fruits.

Shahi Pinni :

Prepared using Split Black Gram Flour cooked in ghee mixed with dry fruits, garnished with sliced Almonds.

Sev Badam :

Prepared using Khoya, mix with besan sev and sugar, garnish with kesar and pista.

Malpua :

Prepared using Rabdi mix with maida deep fried in ghee, removed and soaked in kesar flavoured sugar syrup.

Jalebi :

Popular Indian Sweet prepared using gram flour and maida, deepfried in ghee and soaked in sugar syrup.

Moong Dal Halwa :

Split Green Gram Flour cooked in Ghee , removed and mixed with dry fruits.

Motipak :

Besan boondi mix with Khoya rolled and flatned topped with dry fruits and silver shaped in squared.

Food Court :

Ragda Patties :

Shallow freid potato cakes with dry peas masala curry.

Bhel Puri :

Assorted namkeen with peanut, onion and tomato with spicy mint and dates sauce.

Channa Bhatura :

Chick peas curry stuffed fried Indian refined flour bread

Deluxe Thali :

A combination of Indian meal with Cottage Curry, Indian vegetable, Lentil, Indian Yogurt, Indian Bread and Indian Dessert.

Shahi Paneer :

Dice Cottage cheese cooked with cashewnut gravy.

Masala Dosa :

Thin sheets of rice flour pancakes with potato mixture served with condiments.

Chowmein :

All time chinese style favorite noodle with vegetables.

Club Sandwich :

Layer of cucumber, tomato, cheese and coleslaw with white slice bread.

Rasmali :

Dumpling of condenced cow milk dip in a cardomonand saffron flavoured milk.